My images highlight the geometry and colour of our constructed everyday environment made abstract by honing in on ignored and unnoticed elements and views.

My images are of real places and real structures but often present as metaphors of human emotions, such as trepidation, alienation and isolation, sometimes even with subliminal anthropomorphic features, such as faces and eyes, prompting feelings of the watcher being watched.

I want to encourage an active awareness and engagement with the physical world around us by prompting new ways of looking and seeing, not accepting what we ‘see’ at face value but searching for alternative hidden narratives and interpretations of our lived world encouraging the viewer to ask ‘what am I looking at?’ and ‘how does it make me feel?’.

I have a fascination with the process of photography and the way the camera ‘sees’.  I concentrate on the optical aspects of photography to express my vision rather than work with complex post processing. The optical path of the camera can reveal shapes, patterns and perspectives which the human brain would not always ‘see’.
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